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Apr. 5th, 2008 @ 09:30 pm
[info]hp_springsmut reveals are here! It was my first time around there, and I got the prompt Salazar/Rowena (among others, of course) with which, I've to admit, I was not overly happy at first - my first go at het with characters I've had so far neither written nor read. But then, a teensy, ickle bunny made itself comfortable in my brain, disguising itself as nice, sweet, and smutty.

Okay, it didn't lie about the smut.

Title: The Lady of the Lake
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Salazar/Rowena
Summary: Rowena Ravenclaw is a reasonable, intellectual, and pragmatic woman – until one Salazar Slytherin comes along.
Warnings: Character death
Word Count: ~5300

The Lady of the Lake )

New H/D Fiv: Caught in the Light (part 1) Feb. 9th, 2008 @ 11:36 pm
Title: Caught in the Light (1/~10)
Rating:G for now, will be N-17 overall
Pairing:Will be Harry/Draco, with mention of other pairings for both boys
Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just playing. Also, the title is borrowed from Robert Goddard.
Word Count: ~5400 (this chapter)
Summary: When nothing matters any more, some things take on an importance which they have never before enjoyed.
A/N: DH-compliant save the last chapter – EWE is love. Also, I don't even listen to most of what JKR says, so whatever's bound to happen .

Many thanks to [info]snottygrrl and [info]cordelia_v, my terrific betas. All remaining mistakes are mine. Concrit is most welcome!

Caught in the Light, part 1 )
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Fic: Cupid, part 1 Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:15 pm
Nrrgh, I've really been neglecting IJ to a shocking degree! I promise to improve!

So, here comes my hd_holidays fic, written for dragenphly over at LJ, and I've to admit that I was rather fidgety at the prospect of writing Teddy, having to fight down the immediate urge to tell the whole story from his POV. Why yes, I'm a sucker for weird unusual POVs. Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. Especially with the snakes ;D

Author: [info]cutecoati
Title: Cupid
Pairing: H/D, no other pairings, but quite frequent appearances of Teddy, Narcissa, and Andromeda.
Summary: It could have been a wonderful, enjoyable day when Harry took Teddy on a trip. Being saddled with not only one but actually two Malfoys, however, meant trouble. Serious trouble.
Rating: R, to make sure
DH compliant: Yes, but EWE.
Word Count: ~16.700
A/N: Cupid, lat. Cupido, Roman god, allegedly the son of Mars and Venus, inspiring romantic love and sex, usually depicted as a winged god armed with a bow and a quiver of arrows. Sometimes, however, he appears in a different guise.
Heartfelt thanks to my betas [info]coyotegoth, [info]jamie2109, and [info]sulky_rhino. All remaining mistakes are mine.

Cupid )

Onto part 2

Fic: Cupid Jan. 14th, 2008 @ 11:13 pm
Part 1
Cupid part 2 )

Some additional notes: I've used the zoo at Colchester as a model but took quite some liberties with it, one of these being the scene with the ferrets – there are no ferrets at the zoo, but the enclosure Harry gazes into actually houses COATIS!!! (I almost died laughing when I looked at the map of the zoo after having the boy turn around…).

Also, the hyenas do have a specific meaning: In many old African legends, witches and sorcerers ride on hyenas, and the belief in werehyenas was quite common; and in Europe, from Antiquity way into the modern period, hyenas were considered hermaphrodites thanks to the protruding sexual organ of the female hyena that looks like a penis (and causes about 25 % of young females to die at their first birth, poor darlings). Hyenas were not only seen as "quite obsessed with sexual intercourse" but also associated with gluttony (due to their ability to devour every single part of a carcass, including the thickest bones), demons, sexual deformity, and deviant sexual behavior; Ovid claims that they're able to change their sex at will. They were, basically speaking, "the" animal that was equalled with homosexuality.

history spork is here! Aug. 13th, 2007 @ 09:10 pm
Okay, so I've gone and claimed [info]history_spork over here too.

For those of you who don't know about it: It's my and fourth_rose's second journal at LJ where we mock Hollywood's take on history, mercilessly sporking all kinds of history movies, from old classics like Spartacus and Robin Hood to blockbusters lke Troy and Kingdom of Heaven.

So, if you like historical movies, and making fun of them, fancy casting a glance at it? Disclaimer: We do this because we love these movies (well, in a sporking-kind of way), not because we dislike them!

For those of you who know it: history_spork'll stay at LJ (for now) but from the next post on, we'll mirror it here, so if you want to leave LJ for good, we've made sure that there'll be no need to further do without your favourite sporking journal ;D!
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Just to check whether this is really working, I'm boldly going where no-one- No, wait.

I'm cheekily re-posting my last entry from LJ to here since I suck at mirroring my LJ

LJ will still remain my main journal (for now), and most of my postings will go there, but who says one can't have fun&friends in two places!

Thus, have some HP crack!

So we thought we were the ones who were most eagerly awaiting book 7.

My friends, we were mistaken. Because, for some, there is more to the Harry Potter books than just the pleasure of reading. Or writing and/or reading fanfic. For some, it is really. Serious. Business.

Disclaimer: This is mere tongue-in-cheek nonsense. Honestly, I love all most of the HP actors. Yet - I just had to. Not meant to get anybody's hackles up. *runs away*

And yes, spoilers for book 7.

A scene, a scene, my kingdom for a scene )
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Okay, so it's time to remember my other journal(s) again... will we ever hear the end of it *is annoyed by LJ's stupidity*

In case we need a refuge, and given that you want to keep in touch with me, I'm to find:

At greatestjournal here, as cutecoati,

And, as of now, also at insanejournal here, as cutecoati too, bacause how could I be anyone else?

I've gone on a friending spree and added everyone I found in a hurry, 'cuz my [beep] computer is dying on me.

And now, I'll return to writing HP crack! *nods defiantly*
» More Recs
Some more recs - DH seems to have caused an explosion of creativity in HP fandom (not that I'm complaining about the pre-DH era!):

[info]googlebrat's utterly brilliant End of the Line. "Hell was, Snape decided, a crowded railway platform." Funny and sad, witty and hopeful - she had me laugh out loud, smile wistfully and every now and then wipe a tear from the corner of my eye. Extra bonus points for including A CHARACTER borrowed from Terry Pratchett.

[info]violet_quill has struck again: Why Voldemort was behind the LJ outage. Don't you ever meddle with a Dark Lord!

Wonderful [info]fourth_rose's Harry Potter and the Crack that Follows. In HPverse, being dead does not necessarily mean the end of all things…

*feels urge to join into the silliness and write some crack*
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*dies laughing*

*resuscitates herself to alert flist*

Those among you who haven't yet read [info]violet_quill's If my flist wrote DH, do it NOW!

Um, yeah. There be spoilers, of course.
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Still not sure whether to like the book or not. However, there are two things that annoy me so much that I can't keep my mouth shut about them.

Short and, of course, spoilery rant )
» (No Subject)
Am done.

Spoilers for You Know What )
» Room with a View, Part 1/3
[info]hd_holidays reveal is here! I can now officially thank [info]bewarethesmirk for her lovely story Release of the Past! ♥

Note of explanation: Am on holiday and have just sneaked into an internet cafe, so there will be more and extended squeeing over that lovely feast when I return home!

Yet, I had to officially post my own contribution, written for [info]emmagrant01. I'm so glad you liked it, dear! And thanks to all of you who read and/or commented!

Title: Room with a View
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: The portraits at number twelve, Grimmauld Place have seen many strange things over the years, but none as strange as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy staying under the same roof while there's a war going on outside.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): Mild voyeurism. Sort of.
Word Count: ~ 24.000
Beta: [info]oddnari, who simply rules the world of betadom.

Room with a View, 1/3 )

Part 2
» Room with a View, Part 2/3
Part 1

Room with a View, 2/3 )

Part 3
» Room with a View, Part 3/3
Part 2

Room with a View, 3/3 )
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My [info]hd_holidays gift has been posted (um, actually already some days ago, but internet + coati =/= friends right now).

Release of the Past

It's lovely and funny, but with some serious undertones to it - a lonely Harry is being dragged to pubs by Ron and Hermione, and meeting a certain Slytherin there...

I love insecure!Harry, especially when it comes to his sexual orientation, and this fic plays with it in a very funny and convincing way - poor Harry, he doesn't stand a chance against a determined Draco, does he?

Go read it! Now! *stern look*
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Some [info]hd_holidays recs before I'm off for the weekend! I'm woefully behind reading (anhd commenting), but these stories stood out to me so far:

The World of the Living. Harry and Draco live at Luna's place, one still suffering from war trauma, the other one a convicted criminal. Told from Luna's POV. If you read only one fic from the comm, read this one! It's amazing, easily one of the best H/D stories I've read in ages! Luna's voice is wonderful – her take on the entire world and especially on Harry and Draco is funny, touching, sometimes sad, but always clever (she's a Ravenclaw, isn't she?). Harry and Draco are… simply perfect. ~ 17.000 words.

The Pursuit of Happiness. Harry as wandmaker (the author already had me with her touching description of post-war Harry: 'content but not happy' *sniffles*. Pre-Draco, of course ;), Draco as private investigator. A very clever plot, and a Ron I really, really liked! ~20.000 words.

A River in Egypt. Mystery, with Harry as Auror – great fun to read! Wonderful characterisation, lots of twists and surprises. Indescribable, somehow, go read it, you won't regret it, I swear! ~23.000 words.

Chasing Ghosts. A glimpse on Harry's and Draco's future together, and the problems they're still dealing with. Beautiful, touching, sad, and hopeful – perfect H/D bittersweetness! ~3.200 words.
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Yesterday, we felt it was finally time for a new sporking session; thus we set out to watch, laugh at, and spork one of our classic favourites: Michael Curtiz' "The Adventures of Robin Hood".

Yep, the one with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland and the archetype of all Brit!baddies, Basil Rathbone *drools*.

A Perm for all Seasons
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Happy birthday [info]pingviini and [info]gmth!

» (No Subject)
W00t! Manuscript of utter weirdness and horrid handwriting is finished! (Um, see entry a few weeks back. Ack, I don't even want to think of it.)

Means: Coati = back at LJ more regularly! *gazes at flist skip=gazillion*

Okay *rubs hands together*

I'm horribly behind writing the three facts and five things thingies...

Snape, for [info]florahart ('twas hard to pick only three ;)

1) He knows that he's being a snarky bastard most of the time. He does not seek for any excuses, he would never blame anyone but himself (if at all) for what he became, and he couldn't care less if people like him or not, but sometimes, he wonders why it is that eventually, his spite is so much directed against himself.

2) He never thinks of his father. Never ever. Better not open that Pandora's box.

3) Voldemort caused, and still causes, all kinds of emotions in him - fascination, hope, revulsion, hatred, yearning - in fact, no one ever has, before or after, struck a chord that deep in him, but he thinks it's strange (and does not fully understand why) that fear was never among them.

Fang, for [info]sulky_rhino

1) He's deadly afraid of the Forbidden Forest (all those icky smells, you know, like Unicorn piss and Centaurs), and it had taken him a long time to forgive Hagrid for sending him there with two jittering schoolboys of all people.

2) He's not overly jealous of all the weird creatures Hagrid keeps falling in love with - they're nice (or - like that totally unnecessary Giantess who has taken to calling him canine, fancy that! - at least interesting) to look at, but at the end of the day, they're completely useless.

3) The only true rival to Hagrid's affection, he thinks, was Fluffy. Because, how do you compete with someone who has three…
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Gacked from [info]edallia (and somewhat modified):

What's the most embarrassing CD/mp3/on your iPod/whatever kind of music file you own? Like, sins of your youth, mushy-sentimental stuff, etc…. everything's game!

Mine? Um.

Michael Bolton: My secret passion. Michael Bolton, not only trying to sing, but trying to, erm, sing opera arias. *inserts heart-felt apology to all possible Bolton fans out there*

It was a present, I swear!

The recording does have it's merits, though. Bolton, um, kinda sings you into good humour. Involuntarily so, I guess, but still.

Yet, since listening's better than reading, here come uploads!

Celeste Aida

Nessun dorma (Turandot)

Vesti la giubba (I Pagliacci)

Pourquoi me réveiller (Werther)

E lucevan le stelle (Tosca)
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